Frequently Asked Questions

As a ticket scanner, what steps should I follow to efficiently scan tickets at the door?

To efficiently scan tickets at the door, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account at Create an account on to get started as a ticket scanner.

  2. Request access from the event organizer: Ask the event organizer to grant your account access for ticket scanning. For detailed instructions on providing access to ticket scanners, refer to this tutorial available on

  3. Download and install EventYab Organizer App: Visit the Google Play or the App Store on your mobile device to download and install the EventYab Organizer App. Follow the simple on-screen instructions for a smooth installation process.

  4. Sign in to the app and start scanning tickets: Open the EventYab Organizer App, sign in with your account credentials, and follow the provided instructions to begin scanning tickets efficiently at the event entrance.