Ava for Asia - Sponsored By EventYab

Title Ava for Asia - Sponsored By EventYab

Miss Asia Calgary Regional Pageant 2019

Ava was born and raised in the beautiful city of Shiraz, Iran and she moved to Canada with her parents and older sister in 2010. She is ambitiously pursuing a career in computer industry. That’s why she will be studying computer science at the Simon Fraser University starting this September. Being in a new country and not knowing its language, Ava was bullied when she started grade six in Grand Prairie, Alberta. Which this is why she has developed a big heart and is planning to become a role model for teenagers and an anti-bullying activist. As an immigrant she believes that immigration and multiculturalism represent what the Canadian essence is all about. It is why she feels like she embodies and exemplifies that essence. She has a very caring personality, filled with love and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She describes herself as an outgoing, friendly, hard working, positive, enthusiastic, and adventurous. Ava has a very active lifestyle, she enjoys playing competitive volleyball as well as short distance running. Cooking, doing random act of kindness, photography, playing with kids, having her own karaoke time while driving, and modelling are just a few of her interests. This girl is first to get her hands dirty and help out with a handyman task.She considers herself as Ellen Degeneres number one fan, in fact Ellen is one of her main role models. Ava has no problem with stepping out of her comfort zone and trying new journeys in her life and advises others to do the same. She believes it is the best way to grow and evolve as an individual. She also believes any goal is reachable with a strong vision and the right steps. She is very open minded about pretty much anything and accepts others for who they are. This girl knows exactly what’s next for her, just simply ask her what she wants to do next and she will take out her long and detailed “to do list”.

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Start Date Fri Jul 26 2019, 18:00 -360
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