We Maybe Saved. Virtual Playreading Event

Start Date Fri Nov 26 2021, 09:46 -480
End Date Fri Nov 26 2021, 09:46
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Website https://sarasalahiart.wixsite.com/daretodream
Organizer Email salahisara0@gmail.com
Categories Online, Art, Entertainment
Organizer Sara Salahi


اجرای نمایشنامه خوانی آنلاین
 جمعه بیست و ششم نوامبر
 ساعت هفت شب ونکوور ساعت ده شب تورنتو 

Director: Sara Salahi Featuring Hosna Dabaghi, Goli Golzari, Pedram Nazemzadeh 
The story is about two birds who always have lived in a cage, and never experienced flying outside in nature freely. They have no picture of freedom in their minds. The dramatic points starts where their owner decides to set them free. The birds are not confident enough, feeling so scared to survive alone. One of the birds keep holding on to the past, and just dream about their cage's life while the other one takes risks and go for new adventures. 
 The workshop will be presented in Farsi language. 
 Poster designer: Babak Safari