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EventYab Live - Her Journey To Pageants

Start Date Thu Jul 15 2021, 19:00 -270
End Date Thu Jul 15 2021, 19:30
Organizer Email info@eventyab.com
Categories Online
Organizer EventYab


Ava Khajeh was born in Shiraz, Iran and moved to Canada in 2010 with her family. Ava is known for her humor, passion for kids, her laughs, and her title for Miss Asia Calgary and Canada in 2019. Ava joined the pageant to spread awareness on freedom of voice and choice for women in Iran and around the world, who may not have the freedom to speak up. Ava is always up for challenges which is why she also joined the pageant to challenge herself to something she had never done before. Ava later became the very first Iranian to compete in Miss Asia Calgary and Miss Asia Canada. She first competed in the city of Calgary, AB, and after she won the title in Calgary she competed in Vancouver, BC, for Miss Asia Canada. Ava is currently an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher and teaches children from 3 years old to 17 years old. Ava’s love and passion for kids has motivated her to pursue her degree in education in order for her to become a kindergarten teacher and is also planning to open a childcare facility in metro Vancouver.

To join the live, please look at https://www.instagram.com/eventyab_official