EventYab Live - Migrate or Stay?

Start Date Thu Jul 8 2021, 21:00 -270
End Date Thu Jul 8 2021, 21:30
Organizer Email info@eventyab.com
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Masoud Tajfard was ranked 7th in 2003 National Universities Entrance Exam, aka Konkoor in Iran, amongst more than 500K applicants. He successfully accomplished a BSc degree in Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology followed by completion of a MBA program at University of Tehran. While studying for the computer engineering program, he started his first job as a computer programmer at Ghalamchi Institute. Because of his outstanding contribution and positive impact on the business, he soon was promoted to be the CTO of such a mega company. Shortly after, Masoud founded his own tech company in partnership with Ghalamchi. The company was named EdTech, which is a well-known growing company. Masoud also is a founder of many successful startups, including but not limited to, Teleyar: offering online psychological consultation services; Hospitel: a telemedicine company which has been acquired by Snapp Group and rebranded to SnappDoctor. Although Masoud had the opportunity to continue his graduate studies abroad (e.g., admitted to the post-secondary program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver), he preferred to stay in Iran to pursue his successful career path.

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